Golden State Warriors thought they would be able to close out the NBA Finals tonight in Game 6 in Cleveland, but failed to do so. Now they are in danger of not winning the NBA finals after winning a record setting 73 games in the regular season. Klay Thomspon, who had 25 points understand that this could be a failed season if they do not win in Game 7 in front of there fans.

When asked about being up 3-1 and winning 73 games, Klay Thompson had a few short words to say to the reporter.

” 100 percent. I thought that was a trick question for a second. We expect to win an NBA championship coming into the season. It’s either win the whole thing or bust for us. It’s know fun getting second place. It will be a great season, but at the same time, us the players, we are so competitive, we will feel like we failed. But that is  alright. It is  a lot at stake, but that’s when we rise up and be at our best”, Thompson said.

Game 7 should be one for the ages. Whatever team win can’t complain. Golden State will come out firing at Oracle at Sunday.  The whole world will be watching this game. They have to complete the season because it is the right thing to do. The splash brothers have to play well and so do the others on the team.