The Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers will meet at Oracle Arena for the final game of the NBA Finals. There are a lot of people who says that the NBA planned this because of ratings and money. Some Golden State fans thought this series should have been over in 5.

When Draymond Green got suspended by the league, that is when a lot of fans thought that the league wanted it to go past 5 and it has certainly done that. Well Green put himself in that situation because of the flagrant fouls he got before. With that being the case, fans have brought up the word “rigged” because they believe he should have not been suspended.

Well NBA veteran Metta World Peace decided to take to instagram why the NBA is not rigged and included his game 7 pick.  In the video, Metta World Peace  still picked the Warriors to win game 7 at Oracle Arena.

Metta must wants to teach the basketball world some knowledge and discussed why the NBA is not rigged against Golden State specfically Game 7 is on Sunday at 8:00 p.m on ABC. Tune in to watch the final game of the NBA season. Lets see if Metta World Peace is right with his pick. He is not the only one picking Golden State to win Sunday at home.