Everybody who watched Game 6 of the NBA Finals knows that the Finals MVP of last season was dealing with back issues. Andre Iguodola was not able to make the type of impact that people are normally accustomed  to seeing.

Iguodala is labled as “LeBron James stopper” because he has the size to stop him from driving, but when LeBron is on he is on and it hard to be stopped. Warriors head coach Steve Kerr gave fans good news yesterday at media avaliability. Iguodala will be ready to play Game 7 of the NBA finals, he is progressing well, and did not need to get a cortizone shot in his back.


Like with any back injury, sometimes it can get tweaked. It will be interesting to see if he can make it through the final 48 minutes of the season because this is the most important one of the season. He has to be fully ready because we know that LeBron James will come out with some steam. Draymond Green will guard him before he gets subbed out. Today is going be a fun game 7.

With James playing well in the past two games with two 41 points straight games, the Warriors will need to be locked and loaded offensively and defensively. Warriors will need to be locked in defensively because that is where a lot of the probelms are happening at.