Everybody knows that before Dwight Howard decided to leave the Orlando Magic, those were his best days as an offensive and defensive player. He felt appreciated and was the star of that team when he was there.

Howard was a three-time Defensive Player of the Year and was named to five consecutive All-NBA first teams during his stint with the Magic. He help lead them to the NBA finals during one year and six straight playoff appearances. When he was in Orlando, people knew not to come in the paint, but now he is not as productive.

With all that History, it is a good chance that he does comeback to Orlando according to Ric Bucher Bleacher Report, he is predicting that Howard will return to sunny Orlando.

I’m gonna say Dwight Howard is headed back to Orlando. I’ve actually heard that the Magic are warming to the idea it doesn’t mean that it’s a done deal. but ultimately Dwight wants to go someplace where he’s a little more appreciated, that hasn’t been the case in Houston. And now that the Magic have Frank Vogel, who did wonders with Roy Hibbert, it makes all the sense in the world that Dwight would be a nice fit. Especially given the Magic haven’t been relevant in the Eastern Conference for awhile and they’re not going to land a big-name free agent other than Dwight Howard.”

Neither two party’s have been the same since they left each other, Howard gets criticize almost every single game because he does bring the energy that he use to in Orlando. He needs to go back to that city because he seems like he misses it.

Howard is still relatively young at the age of 30. With Orlando having a new coach in Frank Vogel and the young talent that they have, he will add more excitement to that team and the city. Miami is the better team of the two and they can become dominant again. It will make the Eastern Conference fun again. would Howard would be welcomed back with open arms, but he would have the opportunity to make the Magic his franchise again.

There is an good chance that Howard return to Orlando because it will good for the city, but who knows because free agency is an long time period.