Thon Maker successfully got an entry to be in the NBA Draft, which is good, but it is not looking good. Maker will still get his named called, but who will want an gamble on him and draft him tonight.

According to a report from Jake Fischer of Sports Illustrated, several teams have entirely ruled Thon Maker out of the first round due to his age as multiple sources have informed Fischer that they believe Maker to be 21-23 years old, not 19.

This is nothing new because even when Maker was in high school, there seem to be questions about his age and now it might finally catch up to him. If Maker does not get drafted in the first round, he may miss out on a chance of having an guaranteed contract.

Maker was a really good player in high school, but the way his body is, it will take some time for him to be an really good NBA player. Maker was an really well known prospect and was really good, but he should have did a few years of college to really build himself, but we will see what happens today.